6 Negative Effects of Bad Posture - Could Shapewear Help?

6 Negative Effects of Bad Posture - Could Shapewear Help?

You’ve gotta love the hidden perks of shapewear, but this one is actually kept pretty much on the down low: wearing shapewear can improve your posture. How? Well, being extra shy and too self-aware usually makes you unconsciously slouch down. This, if kept up long enough, breaks havoc on the body and can bring serious, long-term consequences.

Shapewear makes us feel more confident, in control and better equipped. This feeling is mostly psychological (we know we look great so what’s stopping us?) but even if it’s all in your mind, you’re still strutting through life looking at everyone right in the eye. In other words, you’re wearing shapewear loud and proud while keeping a straighter, comfortable pose.

And good thing you are! Remember those long-term consequences we were talking about? They’re not a joke - just read on and see.

1. Aches and pains
aches and pains

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: bad posture usually results in several aches and pains all over your body, especially in the neck and lower back area. But did you know that you can actually even get bad foot pain or even carpal tunnel syndrome from slouching around?

Apparently, yes. Plus, you know what all those aches mean, right? Headaches galore, yup. So check your posture right now and sit up straight! Shapewear or not, you don’t want your bad posture to cause you any future pain.

2. Sleep Problems

sleep problemsHaving some trouble getting enough Zs at night? Bad posture could be to blame. It makes sense: things need to be aligned in order to actually get some rest. Wearing shapewear to bed is hardly an option, so make sure you have a good comfy pillow that offers good neck support.

Not better? Schedule an appointment with your chiropractor - your body might have “forgotten” what good posture is all about. You’ll thank us later!

3. Plummeting productivity

Feeling down? Try smiling - you’ll feel a tiny bit better by just acting happy instead of sad. The same happens with other parts of your body. Bad posture tells your mind you’re tired, miffed or just simply down in the dumps. Keep it up long enough and you’ll see this affect your moods, motivation, energy levels and more.

The good news? The solution is as easy as smiling - with your body, that is. Set up alarms on your computer or mobile phone to remind yourself to sit up straight, take a break or even become aware of what your posture’s looking like at any given time. It’s the little things that go a long way!

4. Stomach problems

stomach problems bad posture

It seems that as we age, the larger the rivalry between our minds and our stomachs. And we’re not just saying this calorie-wise. Food doesn’t really sit with you as it used to. Indigestion becomes more common. Going out to a new restaurant becomes a rollercoaster ride the next day.

Ever think your bad posture might have something to do with it? It does! Slouching over squeezes all your organs together, making their own work environment a lot more uncomfortable. Stomach aches, IBS-like symptoms and even constipation can ensue. So why not take a walk after you eat? Just standing up and walking around can make your back stand up a little more straight than simply lounging around.

5. High blood pressure

You read that right - bad posture can lead to higher blood pressure in the long run. Why? Yes, rounding everything forward does play a role (pinching veins and nerves here and there), but it also affects your breathing. The more irregular your breaths, the greater the chances that your blood pressure might go haywire.

First off: sit up! Make sure your feet are both planted on the ground while sitting at your desk and rest your elbows on the table while typing. Shoulders back, head up - elevate your monitor or laptop by placing boxes underneath or getting one of those nifty computer support benches.

6. Varicose veins


HA! The big bad wolf of the 30+ club has come out to play. But did you know varicose veins and bad posture are related? Well, sort of, actually. Bad posture while sitting down can actually be the culprit here, especially if you’re sitting on top of one of your legs for longs periods of time, or crossing them under your desk.

Notice a pattern? Sitting down seems to be a recurrent theme in bad posture lists. So this weekend, instead of Netflix and chill how about we suggest a long walk around the neighborhood or some good, one-on-one home improvement? Both counts as a workout and at least make you more aware of your posture!

So can shapewear help with bad posture?

Here’s the deal: wearing shapewear will make you less prone to slouching over and let your mind know that you’re straight-up awesome. But it’s not enough to get rid of a bout of bad posture-itis - especially if you’re already feeling some of its long-term effects.

Follow some of the tips we provided here and see if it gets better in a week - if not, make sure you contact your chiropractor to know what you can do to feel better.

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